About Doss Elementary

Doss Elementary is an exemplary elementary school in the Austin Independent School District with approximately 900 students. It is a diverse campus with 25 different home languages spoken by our families. The high academic standards and overall positive campus culture are a draw for parents seeking an elementary school for their young children.

Doss is located at:

2608 Richcreek Rd (Map)
Austin, TX 78757

Doss Main number: 512-414-2365



Photos of Original Building

School Facts

  • Built: 1970
  • Grades: K through 5th grade
  • After School Care: Yes
  • Mascot: Owl
  • School Colors: Royal Blue and White

Our school is named after a beloved Austin Mathews Elementary school teacher, Leona Doss. “Doss started teaching in Austin in 1926 and continued until her death from cancer in 1967. Doss Elementary was built and named for her in 1970. In addition to self-portraits, she loved painting owls. The owl became Doss Elementary School’s mascot.”*

(* from From Rootsweb.com – Message Board Post – 30 Dec 2004  Click Here for the entire story)

Listen to our school song, download an mp3 file here
Lyrics to our school song, click here

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