No Hassle Fundraiser

No Hassle Fundraiser FAQs

-How much does a brick paver cost?

A donation of $300 or more to the Doss No Hassle Fundraiser includes a 4”x8” customizable brick paver. A donation of $500 or more to the Doss No Hassle Fundraiser includes an 8”x8” customizable brick paver.

– How will the funds for the brick pavers be used to benefit Doss Elementary?

Once our No Hassle Fundraising goals have been met, any additional funds raised will be used for outdoor education at our new school!

– Can I chose the location of my brick paver?

The new pavers will be mixed in with pavers that were salvaged from the old school grounds. The pattern and location of the pavers will be designed by the administration and the brick installers.

– When will the pavers be installed?

The pavers will be installed during the implementation of hardscape at the new campus, likely late summer or early fall. You will receive an email when your paver is in place!

– Who should purchase a Doss brick paver?

Students, parents, alumni, staff, teachers, community supporters and area businesses. ANYONE who is interested in supporting our school community and letting their Doss Pride Show!

-Does my corporate match count towards a paver? I.e., if I donate $150 and my company matches $150, does that get me to the $300 donor level to be eligible for a paver?

While we gladly accept all corporate matching donations for the No Hassle Fundraiser, the matching dollars will not qualify you for a brick paver.

-Can I purchase more than one paver?

There is no limit on the number of pavers that can be purchased by one individual or business.

-How many characters can I have on my paver – and how many lines?

The 4”x8” paver can accommodate 2 lines of text with 16 characters per line. The 8”x8” paver can accommodate 5 lines of text with 16 characters per line.

-Can I use symbols or numbers in addition to letters? Are logos permitted?

You can use letters, numbers and punctuation, but no symbols or logos can be accepted.

-Can I have a phrase or is it just limited to names?

You can submit a quote or a phrase as long as it’s within the character limit and it’s appropriate for a public space at an elementary school.

– What if I miss the order deadline?

The pavers will only be for sale during the Doss No Hassle Fundraiser. You will not have another opportunity to order pavers, so get your orders in now!

– What if I bought a personalized, engraved brick paver years ago that were placed on the old Doss campus? Will those bricks be placed on the New Doss campus?

YES they will! The old bricks will be mixed in with the new bricks.

Contact Pavers Chairs Carrie Brown and Ellen Fenwick for questions regarding paver orders or content.