2018 Spring Party – FAQs

I love Doss so much

Can’t go to the spring party but still want to participate?  YOU CAN! Just follow these easy steps.
  1. Go to http://bidpal.net/ilovedosssomuch and click on ‘Sign In’ on top right.
  2. Follow the steps to create your OneCause account.
  3. Once you’re signed in, you can add a credit card to your account by clicking on the small grey person icon (account icon) and then Credit Cards, and then Add Credit Card.
  4. Once credit card is added you are able to begin bidding on silent auction, teacher treats, reserved seating for school programs, collaborative grade level art.

How does the money raised during the Spring Party support Doss PTA?

The money raised at the Spring Party is an integral part of our PTA’s fundraising. Every year the PTA pays for and supports many programs, events, educational tools & resources as well as staff salaries which help make a fantastic educational experience for ALL Doss students.

Here are just a few of the many programs that the Doss PTA supports:

  • Salary and benefits for a full-time technology specialist to run our computer lab, keep software updated on school computers, maintain the Elmos and AV equipment, and provide technical support to all teachers and staff.
  • Salary for a part-time reading specialist to help keep all students at grade level reading proficiency.
  • Host Daughter and Son events. These events are FREE to all students thanks to PTA funding.
  • Teacher allowances to purchase classroom supplies and teaching tools.
  • Special areas enrichment funds.
  • Provide books for literacy libraries in classrooms.
  • Bring guest authors to Doss to encourage and inspire reading.
  • Playground improvements.
  • And much, much, much more – here’s a complete list of all the programs the PTA supports

I purchased tickets online. Where do I pick up my tickets?

No tickets needed! Once you buy tickets, your name will be on the attendee list at the door. When you arrive at the I Love Doss So Much party you will receive a packet with everything you will need to have a fabulous night.  If you purchase additional items such as drink tickets, 100 for $100 raffle or heads/tails player option, these will be in your packet as well.

Can I buy a ticket at the event?

Yes, ticket prices at the event will be $75/person.

What and where is the venue?

I Love Doss So Much will take place at Gather, a very cool event venue located about ten minutes from the Doss campus at 5540 N Lamar Blvd.

What is the best way to get to the party?

FREE ROUNDTRIP TRANSPORTATION is included in the price of your ticket! Buses will leave from the front of Doss every 15 minutes beginning at 5:40 pm (for VIPs) and 6:30 (General Admission) and run on a continuous loop until the end of the party. We have 3 large buses booked for the evening.

If I don’t want to ride the bus, is there parking at Gather?

Yes, there is some parking available at Gather. In order not to impede traffic, make a right on Houston Street off of Lamar and then take your first right into the parking lot. Please make sure to designate a driver if you choose to drive to the event.

What’s the dress code for the party?

Casual date night attire. Just come dressed as you would for a fun night out in ATX!

What will we do at the party?

Come ready to eat, bid on live & silent auction items, sign up for buy-in parties, teacher treats and dance the night away! There will be several fun food trucks from P Terry’s and Top Taco with an end of night visit from Krispie Kreme donuts! You will love the AMAZING Mullet Boyz Band. Drinks will be plentiful but can only be purchased with DRINK TICKETS!  Tickets are available prior to the event to purchase. We highly recommend purchasing your drink tickets BEFORE the event so you can avoid long lines.  Drink tickets can also be purchased at the event via credit card.  You won’t want to miss the Live Auction beginning at 8:30pm featuring amazing local packages and special get-aways.

Why should I go to the VIP party?

Be a VIP and show Doss just how much you love it! The VIP party attendees get early access to the PARTY including ONE HOUR OF OPEN BAR, early access to Buy In Party, a swag bag containing special VIP gifts and other fun stuff, plus a $25 discount on ONE ADULT buy-in party. Sign up early for buy-in parties and then relax and enjoy the rest of your night! And note that will only be a limited number of VIP tickets available, so get yours now! Click here to purchase VIP tickets.

Anderson Prom is the same night – How can I find a sitter?

Have no fear! To address this issue the Bambino app has offered Doss parents a $5 discount when booking a sitter. The code (ILOVEDOSS) will be valid the entire month of April and will be for $5 for ALL parents (note: valid for 1 booking and should be entered when you confirm the sitter before the sit).

What is 100 for $100?

Back again this year is the 100 for $100 Raffle! Purchase a Live Auction Raffle ticket for $100 and if your name is drawn, you choose ANY LIVE AUCTION PACKAGE!! The winner will be drawn at 8:30pm to kick off the Live Auction. Winner MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN! Don’t miss your chance to choose ANY package for only $100! We will only sell 100 of these tickets – meaning you have a 1 in a 100 chance to win a live auction item of your choice! Buy tickets here. 

What is Heads/Tails? 

For just $25 you can enter to win our interactive game of Heads or Tails and the chance to win a designated special PARKING SPOT AT LUCY READ FOR 1 YEAR! Test your skill at predicting the coin toss by guessing “Heads” (put your hands on head) or “Tails” (put your hands on tail). After each flip, winners advance to the next round and the last one standing gets a reserved parking spot  for 1 year. Heads or Tails game will be played during the live auction (which will begin around 8:30pm). Buy tickets here.

What is a class photo book?

Class photo books are different than the Doss Yearbook. Photobooks are specific to your child’s classroom and contain pictures taken throughout the year in your child’s classroom only. Each class has it’s own photobook for sale, so you can see your child’s class in action (as well as their cuteness). Your child receives a great keepsake and will remember their year through pictures! This year you can save $10/book if you buy your photo book before March 29 (same day gear sales end). Books will go up $10 after that date and will be sold online until mid April. Click here to view the class books.  Click here to purchase a book.

Can I buy a class photo book if I can’t make it to the party?

Yes! You can buy class photo books through the PTA online store before the event beginning on March 19th. If you order before the party you will receive a $10 discount.

I ordered a photo book online. When will it arrive?

All photo books will be delivered in May.

How can I get an I Love Doss T-shirt or Tank?

I LOVE DOSS SO MUCH t-shirts and tanks are available to pre-order before the party. The Merchandise Order Form is available until March 29 and your items will be delivered in early April. Order gear here.

What is a Buy-In Party?

Doss-Famous BUY-IN PARTIES are hosted by Doss parents for other Doss parents or students! A Buy-In Party is when a few Doss couples or families (or a group of Moms or Dads) agree to host an event some time after the 2018 Spring Party (on a set, specific date after 4/14/18 and before the 2019 Spring Party.) At the I LOVE DOSS SO MUCH Spring Party Silent Auction, you will pay a set amount to “buy-in” and reserve your spot as a guest to these events ($75-$125/couple or family and $30/child for kid parties). The hosts and hostesses of the Buy-In Parties incur all of the costs related to hosting the event. Thus, the Doss PTA receives 100% of the party’s sales!

Most buy-in parties have specific themes, AND there is absolutely something for everyone. The price is preset – if you bid, you get to go, unless the party has already reached the guest limit!

What are Teacher Treats?

Teacher Treats are experiences that our amazing Doss teachers donate to Spring Party. Doss Teachers/Staff host an outing for a specifiied number of students and parents may purchase this experience for their child during Spring Party. These special outings create unforgettable memories for out kiddos.

I forgot to buy drink tickets ahead of time!  How will I get my drinks?

To avoid the lines, we highly encourage you to buy drink tickets in advance. If you forget or need to buy additional drink tickets, you will be able to purchase with a CREDIT CARD ONLY at the venue.  Remember that if you don’t buy drink tickets in advance, it means waiting in two lines that night!

What if I can’t attend the party? Can I still bid on items? 

If you cannot attend the event, you can still receive a bidder number to participate in the silent auction & teacher treats.  You must register online with our new mobile bidding company, OneCause/BidPal.  Please contact Dawn Watson at dawn_watson1@yahoo.com for more information.  NOTE – Live auction items may only be purchased in person during the event and you must be present to bid.

Are any of my Spring Party purchases tax deductible?

Yes! Most of your purchases are tax deductible to some extent.

The following are the fair value amounts that can be used to determine how much of your purchase is tax deductible:

Individual Ticket Purchase: $75

VIP Ticket Purchase: $100

Pre-K thru 4th Photobooks: $20

5th Grade Photobooks: $30

100 for $100 Raffle: $100

The difference between what you paid (which can vary depending on the date of your purchase) and the fair value shown above is tax deductible. You will need to save your receipt for your purchases.

For auction purchases (including live auction, adult/kid buy-in parties and teacher treats), the fair value of the item will vary based on the item purchased. Please refer to the receipt you received from OneCause/BidPal and save that receipt for tax purposes.

Spring Party