Volunteers are needed to help students select books and then install the bookplates to honor the students for their donation. The bulk of bookplating work is done one week in early Fall, during school hours. We will need additional volunteers to help with changing the bulletin board each month and keeping track of book donations. Please see specifics on volunteer opportunities below.

Doss students love to read! Celebrate your child’s birthday, or honor or memorialize a special person with an $18 donation to the Doss library. Your donation helps celebrate your child’s birthday AND buys a brand new book for the library. All birthday book club participants will choose the book from a large selection of titles during early Fall. This will allow the librarians to circulate the new books for the entire school year. A book plate with your child’s name will be placed in the book and your child will be the first to check the book out of the library.

Your child’s picture with his/her book will be displayed on a bulletin board during his/her birthday month. Summer birthdays will be published as follows: June in March, July in April and August in May. You may also donate a book in honor of or in memory of a special person.

Make your donation today by going to the Doss All in One Online Store. Library book donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law

Specific volunteer opportunities:

Bookplating volunteers are needed to help children select books and install the bookplates to honor the children for their donation. The bulk of bookplating work is done one week in early Fall during school hours.

Bulletin board volunteers can design and maintain a bulletin board to display photographs of the kids with the donated books throughout the year. Bulletin board updates are monthly and can be scheduled at your convenience.

scrapbook volunteer can design and create a scrapbook to permanently store all photographs of the kids with their donated books. This scrapbook will be presented to the Doss Librarians at the end of the year. The scrapbooking is a great take-home job for a creative volunteer.