Calling all Doss Dads! Please sign up – give us your email and other contact info and become a part of a volunteer pool. We’re looking for dads who will be willing to be “on call”  to assist when we need a little extra muscle on the job or a little extra help hauling things for our events.

The Chair of this committee will put together an email / text distribution list. When he is contacted by the PTA President, the Principal or a PTA Chair asking for some volunteers to do such things as load heavy boxes on a cart or unload deliveries of supplies from a suburban, for example, he will contact his list of committee members and ask for volunteers for those requests.

Help only when you can, as little or as much, whenever you can. Just give us your contact info and say you’d be willing to get the emails asking for you help. Be a part of an organized group of Dads who are proud to serve Leona Doss Elementary and give back to our community. Come on Dads, it’ll be well worth your time and a great opportunity to meet other Dads in the community.