Gallery Greats training is announced directly to the volunteers in September and by appointment. If you’re unable to attend, please check out the training material below and take a tour of the artwork next time you’re at Doss. Even if you have not signed up to be a Gallery Great volunteer yet, keep on reading to learn more. Classrooms can have multiple presenters, so do not worry if another parent has already signed up. We also need help maintaining the Gallery Greats library materials. We look forward to hearing from you.

For more information please see the Gallery Greats Committee page.

TO: Gallery Greats Volunteers

FROM: Gallery Greats Co-Chairs

Thank you for volunteering to help with the Gallery Greats art enrichment program. We have provided some information to help our volunteers plan their class presentations. Many presenters find information on the internet, which is also encouraged. Attached to this memo are the following items:

  1. A Gallery Greats Basic “How To” Guide
  2. Suggestions for Gallery Greats Presentations
  3. A list of masterpieces for each grade
  4. An example of a class collaboration project
  5. A list of “gallery” ideas

A contact list of Gallery Greats volunteers (by teacher) will be sent separately. Please contact us anytime if you have further questions, suggestions or need help with presentations.

Please let the Co-Chairs know if you can help:

  1. Mount newly purchased posters
  2. Organize our art reference materials
  3. Identify/create more art response activities
  4. Identify/research new artists, masterpieces and create folder materials
  5. Provide more digital presentation material