How do I join the Hub Club?
Great question! Check out our instructions on how to join the Hub Club!

What if I lose my tag?
If you have misplaced your tag, please contact one of the program chairs (above) for a new tag. The cost is $5.

What do I get for being a member of the Hub Club?
More exercise! Better self esteem! Less traffic! Cleaner air! And if that’s not enough, Students will be frequently rewarded for self-commuting to school with stickers, stamps, and snacks.  In addition, they will earn prizes for every 15 bings.  After 100 bings, the student will be entered into a raffle for a new bike at the end of the year. Watch the Doss Blast newsletter for updates about treats and contests.

I forgot my Hub card – can I use a friend’s?
No. Once registered, your card is linked to your child alone. He will not receive credit for beeping in with another child’s card. Just go to the Hub website and enter the trip manually.

At Doss, we take bike safety seriously.  We offer a safety curriculum during P.E. classes, an inspection of students’ helmets on Helmet Fit Day, and a Bike Safety day where riders learn biking rules. Studies continue to rave about the benefits for children who begin their day by riding or walking to school.  In addition, we want to take steps to decrease the traffic snarls around Doss and lower the CO2 emissions created by dozens of idling cars waiting in long lines to pick up students.