A special thank you to the Doss Art teachers, Carol Miller and Jennifer Cremeens, and Doss Parent, Kristin Griffin, for facilitating the collaboration of these pieces with every single Doss class. Each student at Doss Elementary has a touch on these pieces.  

Each piece will be displayed and for sale (via Silent Auction) at Doss City Limits.


(These are some in-progress shots of the art being created)

Kindergarten –  Finger Print Austin Skyline

Created using the combined fingerprints of the entire Doss Kindergarten class, this simple and beautiful work features a silhouette of the Austin skyline on white paper.  Acrylic and hand-cut paper.  Framed size: 20.5″ x 28.5″


1st Grade –  Paint Stroke Austin Skyline

An array of compiled paint strokes makes up this clean and vibrant silhouette of the Austin skyline on white paper. Paint strokes compliments of the entire Doss 1st Grade. Acrylic and hand-cut paper.  Framed size: 20.5″ x 28.5″


2nd Grade – “I Love You So Much”

This collaborative and creative pen and ink replica of Austin’s famous “I Love You So Much” wall was developed using individual green lines drawn by the entire Doss 2nd Grade Class. Pen and Ink on paper.  Framed size: 20.5″ x 28.5″


3rd Grade – The Pennybacker Bridge

This colorful mixed-media paper collage of Austin’s iconic Pennybacker Bridge was constructed using magazine strips hand-rolled by the Doss 3rd Grade class.  Magazine strips and paper board.  Framed size: 17″ x 21″


4th Grade – The Live Music Capital Guitar

Representing Austin’s musical influence, this acoustic guitar was assembled using an arrangement of magazine pieces and sits on a background of hand-transferred images. The design on the guitar was developed using paper colored by the Doss 4th grade classes.   Magazines and paper on board. Framed size: 25″ x 37″


5th Grade – Bats

This striking paper art piece features a collection of individual paper bats colored by every 5th grade student at Doss.  This one-of-a-kind display is a beautiful memory from the oldest class at Doss Elementary.