2011 No Hassle Donor List

2011 No Hassle Heroes!!!

Thank you Doss families for raising over $56,500 to support our wonderful PTA programs that benefit all of our students!!!
Erin Jones and Kathleen Mabley, No Hassle Fundraiser Co-Chairs

Wise Owl Level ($1000 or more)
Susie and Dan Allen
Dede and Todd Church
Patricia Lewis and Tom Gregorski
Vivia and Michael Robertson
Liz Morehead and Jeff Russell
Monica and David Sheldon
Valerie and Craig Tyler

Planet Doss Level ($500-$999)
Sarah and Winn Atkins
Hana Aubrechtova
Shanda and Nathan Breazeale
Robin and Ben Coopwood
Veronica and Kirk Divine
Karin and Bob Foster
Mamie and Jason Fullmer
Stephanie and Patrick Griggs
Elizabeth and Gary Gunter
Young Hee Cho and Sang Hoon Han
Megan and Michael Helmbrecht
Mike and Lauren Honza
Min and Andrew Huang
Erin and Adam Jones
Ellen and Steve Kester
Cynthia and Spyridon Kinnas
Kathleen and Lou Mabley
Angela Marchant
Christine and Jason Markey
Michael and Amy Mason
Julie and Jim Middleton
Mary Wolf and Ron Moss
Debbie and David Olander
Sharon and Steve Rutman
Krista and Peter Saeger
Carrie and Chris Schnoor
Tiffany Roper and Greg Shields
Jennifer and Trey Webb
Karen and John Weisblatt
Julie and Jeremy Williford

Who’s “Hoo” Level ($250 – $499)
Allison and Jay Angell
Kristin and Kirk Ashy
Sungwoo Bae
Melissa Baum
Kim and Jason Belew
Kalin and Aaron Boenig
Karen and Greg Bondy
Michele and Thomas Brocato
Jennifer and Brett Childress
Celeste and Matt Domsch
Susan and Brian Doyle
Heather and Brad Gephart
Leslie and Bob Gompf
Mary and Joe Hello
Erlene and Steve Huffaker
Gina and Omar Longoria
Kristen and Justin Keener
Erin and Mark Kitchen
Rebecca and Seth Krauss
Xiaoyan and Albert Lin
Karen and Todd Martin
Amy and Kurt Meachum
Theresa Pham and Joe Meyer
Michelle and Greg Mundy
Felicia and Todd Nash
Ann and Doug O’Connell
Jennifer and Wade Owens
Sheila and David Page
Laura and Roy Parsons
Melissa and Ryan Perry
Melani and Kurt Rechner
Courtney and Royce Rippy
Vickie and Kevin Sebesta
Tracy and Kevin Sheridan
Shannon and Walter Sherwood
Lisa and Matt Thompson
Elisabeth and Stuart Wallock
Lauren and Davis Ward

Friend of the PTA Level (up to $249)
Julie and Hugh Addington
Galina and Salavat Aglyamov
Shauna and Mark Alexander
Julie and Albert Allen
Aladullah Althagafi
Roz and Morrie Altmejd
Eleanor and George Amaro
Pamela and Mike Armour
Cindy and Jeff Austin
Jennifer and Jonathan Ayres
Maria and Francisco Baranao
Zebunnisa and Zaeem Butt
Katie and David Bartley
Glenda and Ernest Beasley
Betty Wilkes and Greg Beckham
Bianca and Tom Bellavia
Shannon and Greg Bennett
Anne and Neil Blumofe
Yingyne Boretz
Jorge Brown
Heather and Brett Buckman
Jill and Jim Butler
Sara and Brandon Canaday
Greta and Charles Carpenter
Emily and Fran Carter
Wendi and Steven Cartwright
Melanie and Carn Cash
Allison and Michael Center
Bianca and Alex Chachanashvili
Allison and Michael Chase
Min Xie and Yuzhi Chen
Jeanne and Josh Chizzonite
Sungyoung Park and Hyunjeong Choi
Julie and Jason Choyce
Jean and William Christensen
Robin and Kevin Cobb
Melissa and Mike Cooper
Denise and Charles Cornell
Jean and Jon Cornett
Leigh Anne and Jeff Creighton
Angela and John Croslin
Karla and Mark Cruz
Becky and Mike Cunningham
Erin and Arthur D’Andrea
Jessica and John Dapper
Robin and Marty Davis
Jen and Paul Despins
Cristina and Jenaro Diaz
Ann and Keith Donahoe
Helen and John Dunn
Debbie Elliott
Melissa Curtis and Gregory Ellis
Stephanie and Chad Ellis
Sandra and Ken Ely
Sandra and Marty Evans
Lara Leigh and Andy Ewing
Liri and Van Fitzgerald
Jennifer and Greg Fleming
Ruthann and Aaron Ford
Megan and Christian Foster
Jocelyn and Jeff Frieden
Stephanie and Josh Friedman
Susan and Kent Fuhr
Alison and David Fuller
Tiffany and Bryan Galligan
Emma and Mark Garrett
Kasey and Andy Gilliam
Brandi and Greg Gitcho
Brenda Holliday Goeser
Alicia and Cuatro Groos
Cynthia and Tom Hamilton
Sung Hee Han and Eunyoung Bae
Susanne and Shawn Harrington
Debra Harris
Jena Heath and Clay Robison
Sara and Ed Hill
Jennifer and Craig Hopper
Kaye and Todd Hotz
Bree and Stephen Howard
Hui Yu and Hsin-Chin
Courtney and Tom Hudson
Jodi Hughes and Donnie Hur
Jin Hur
Rowena and Chase Hymer
Shannon and Travis Iles
Susan Jackson
Youngshim Jang
Anne Pehr Jansson
Eleanor and Randy Jewart
Heather and Chris Jones
Alice Jones
Melanie Williams and Scott Jones
Bo Jiang and Futeh Kao
Cara and Joe Keenan
Sang Hye and Dong Hwan Park
Mary Kim
Yunheee Rhee and Youngsang Kim
Jung Yeol and Soo-jin Kim
Katie and Ryan Kinzy
Iris and Kevin Koeller
Paige and Rob Koenig
Jane and Matt Kovacs
Rochelle and Dan Kraus
Soojin and Taejoon Kwon
Megan Laibovitz
Susan and Stuart Laves
Erica and Drew Leakey
Jinhee Lee
Jong Kook Lee
Mi-Ae and Chang-Ho Lee
Sooju Park and Jaewon Lee
Jae Wook Lee and Yu Jeong Ahn
Bohuoung and Sooah Lee
William Lewis
Hui Li and Junhua Zhao
Mark Lind
Bethany Little and Courtlend Logan
Xiaole Chen and Fenghua Liu
Jingyan Liu and Lijun Hao
Arletta and John Logan
Paula and Erich Lowe
Corey and Joe Marrs
Cheryl and Karl Martin
Dawn and Andrew Martin
Ravine Cole and Todd Martin
Negar and Kaveh Massoudian
Jill and Paul May
Hollee and Todd McCay
Gina and David McKallip
Stephanie McNelis
Stephanie Meeks
Shannon and Mike Meroney
Tina and Arnie Montemayor
Dana and Jon Morgan
Shenay Trusdale and Riley Moore
Lisa and Michael Murphy
Karen and Tim Nabers
Geneva Nannapaneni
Mandy and Shane Niles
Sherrise and Mike Palmer
Susan and Michael Parker
Beth Payan
Brian and Julie Payne
Erin and Mike Peloquin
Lei Peng
Leslie Pettijohn
Roslyn and Chris Phillips
Karen Light and Marcus Pina
Annette Podrebarac
Sheri Davis and Tracy Poole
Karen and Drew Prairie
Katherine and Scott Prath
Michelle and Daniel Ramos
Sean and Mark Ramsdale
Allyson Randall
Jennifer Rex
Shanna and Adam Riggsbee
Holly and Jason Rios
Kim and Bob Rogers
Leslie and Rob Rosner
Susan and Steve Roth
Beth and Rip Rowan
Barbara Rowe
Janis Powers and Philip Ruth
Nora and Frank Salinas
Susan and Steve Schaffer
Yaara Bader and Tom Schonberg
Cynthia Schultz
Jeri and Josh Seidman
Julie Grisham and Andy Sernovitz
Nora and Marcus Shaftel
Becca and Scott Siegel
Karyn and David Simmons
Amy and Jack Skaggs
Janet and Andy Slack
Melissa and Patrick Smith
Sandra and Kent Snead
Pamela and Leland Snell
Shelley and Gary Solka
Ellen and Jim Spiller
Wendy Kuo and Klondike Steadman
Jane and Marc Stein
Tamera and Peter Stone
Ian Strain-Seymour
Tracie and Tim Strauss
Nicole Stuard
Janice and Kenneth Suter
Amanda and Phil Swann
Yumiko and Eric Taleff
Lili Pang and Andrew Taylor
Heather and Hal Taylor
Karen and Joe Temborius
Sandra and Gail Templeton
Kendra and Rich Tharp
Nancy and Howard Thompson
Monique Thompson
Pilar Tijerina and Rick Russell
Amy and Jeff Tomkins
Stacey and Paul Trulove
Kimberly and Kyle Upchurch
Teri and Brian Vicknair
Darla and Marshall Vogt
Megan Stohr and Erin Waddington
Leslie Watkins
Laura and Danny Weaver
Michelle and Adam Weinfeld
Peite and Michael White
Dandre and Stewart Whitehead
Torrey and Anna Wilkins
Izzy Nathaniel Williams and Tsvi Zandany
Monica and Porter Wilson
Sheila and Stephen Windsor
Lauren Sheppard and David Wolfson
Francis and Ben Woolsey
Laura and Scott Yeager
Gange He and Jun Zhang
Jun Zhang
Huiping Zhu

Grand Owls
Linda Allen (B. Hudson)
Holly Hendrix (K. Hebert)
Jan and Chris Mabley (C. and J. Mabley)
Janice McClelland (A. Yeager)
Pat Florence (B. and C. Jones)
Lee Elsner (H. Ward)
Friends of A. Strauss
Lois Fingerman (L. and B. Yeazell)
Gayle and Mark Gerlich (B. Krauss)
Dan and Denise Klaich (K. Kitchen)
Mary Carol and John Lewis (C. and J. Mabley)
Steve and Julie Yeager (A. Yeager)
Barbara Colicchio (A. Yeager)
Sue and Kevin Roach (M. D’Andrea)
Ettie Davis (A. Poole)
Catherine Richardson (B. Hudson)
Bonnie Lang
Margit and Arnold Orange (A. and A. Dunn)
Peggy Fullmer (C. Fullmer)
Jane Willis

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