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In the past your child may have used Boltage to track their commutes.  Unfortunately, the Boltage closed down at a national level. Instead, past active Boltage users will receive a  free “Hub” tag card which is our new commuter tracking system.  The Hub is a product from Saris, makers of vehicle racks, bike storage, and bike accessories.  Last year, Doss led the nation in the number of students who commuted by bike or foot.  Doss students traveled 23,000 miles on bike or foot, burned over 985,000 calories, and saved 31,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide.  We invite your child to join us in this healthy initiative!

How Do I Register My Student For The Hub?
In order for your student’s commutes to be counted, you must register.
• Go to and create a new account under the “Log In” button.

• When you register, you will need to enter the school Group Code – 3NTTFO and your  orange Scan Tag Code located on the back of your tag card.  Under Commute Distance, enter the commute distance of the round trip.

• If you have more than one commuter, there is a “Link another child” option.  Once you’ve created your first child’s account go back to The Hub main page.  Click on “View your information” under “My Account”. Under “My Children” you should see the first child you registered and under that is a “Link another child” option.  You will need to enter the Group Code again and their scan tag code.

• If you would like to receive an email each time your child swipes in, check the “Scan Event” in your Edit Profile screen.

What Happens Next?
Each time your child walks or bikes to school they will need to swipe their card in front of the Hub reader which is mounted on the wall next to lost & found (near the school entrance by the bike racks and cafeteria). The Hub reader will flash a light and make a “beep” sound.  Instant gratification!  Welcome to the Hub Club! The Hub program then records the student’s mileage for the day. You will be able to check their commute miles and associated statistics online.  IMPORTANT:  Please teach your student to “beep in” only if they bike or walk to school.  This program works on the honor system!  If your child forgets to swipe in then you can add a trip online manually or using a mobile device using the Hub App. ALSO IMPORTANT: You must register your card online before your start to “beep” in.” The system will not record your beeps without a registered user.

Attaching your Hub tag
Your first Hub tag is free! If you require a replacement tag there will be a $5 charge. In order to keep your tag safely attached to your child’s backpack we are providing a zip tie. Simply attach the Hub tag to your badge holder then use the zip tie.”

Contact Frederika Tausch at or Shannon Meroney at  For information on The Hub and Saris, read more at

So join the HUB CLUB TODAY!


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