Clarification Regarding Local Health Authorities

Doss Elementary

Good morning Doss parents and community.

I apologize for the lack of clarity regarding the authority of the local Health Authority.  The following provides a good explanation.

Abbott issues school reopening clarity

Gov. Greg Abbott moved Friday to try and clear up confusion over Texas’ school reopening policy, asserting that local health authorities can shut down schools if there’s evidence of an outbreak after students return to campus, but not “weeks” before schools open. Abbott also confirmed that school districts can apply for waivers to keep their buildings closed beyond the state’s eight-week maximum if they believe they need one. “Local health authorities play an important role in school closure determinations during the course of a school year if it is determined that a contamination has occurred necessitating closure, but local health authorities do not have the power to issue pre-emptive, blanket closures of schools weeks or months in advance of when a school may open its doors to students,” the statement reads. “The TEA is committed to providing necessary flexibility for school districts to ensure schools are able to educate students while maintaining the health and safety of all students, teachers, staff, and families,” said Texas Education Commissioner Mike Morath in a separate statement on Friday.

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