Modernization Update – September 25

We had our September CAT team meeting on Monday, September 23 and have some updates to share with you all.

The picture below shows the base floor for the cafeteria and kitchen (pictures are facing Far West and lead to the east hill). I have also attached a diagram for where the pavers will be located and where part of the park will be closed off (see notes below).

Color Scheme

  • We approved the “Doss blue” to be present throughout the campus.  This was a high need for our CAT and the construction crew took note.
  • We also advocated for a better green color to match the green throughout the campus.  More information will follow next month.

Placement of Pavers

  • The construction crew highlighted an area around the memorial tree that could hold over 10,000 pavers.  Since there was no way we could fill this area, the CAT determined we would place the pavers around the memorial tree.

Permit Update

  • We’ve had the building permit since August 15th.
  • Have you seen that HUGE crane?  Currently the slab is being poured and, once finished, the crane will be used to haul steel to begin erecting the structure of the building.
  • This should start taking place towards the end of October or early November.

Garden Update

  • The CAT agreed to move the garden to a new location due to the building being in a new area.
  • We will work with the campus and local non-profit to establish a site once the campus is built.

Park Construction 

  • If you use the park at Doss, this will be important info for you.
  • The area behind the soccer park and basketball court will be closed for at least four weeks so they may begin checking water quality and sewer lines.
  • This does not affect student bike racks that are currently being used for Murchison students.
  • The image below outlines the area that will be closed.
  • Also, we will not receive new playground equipment; the old equipment will remain.