Principal Update 11/19

Good afternoon Doss parents and families.  I hope you are well.

Well, we’ve reached our first official break of the year.  I know everyone is ready for this time off to rest and focus on family.  I am thankful for your continued dedication to our students and school.  All students continue to grow due to the dedication of our staff and community.  I look forward to taking time away to reflect and rest as well.  

When we return we will begin preparing for the return of our virtual students.  We have 26 students ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade that will return in January.  We look forward to welcoming them soon!  Adding students may trigger us adding students in fifth or second grade.  I will know for sure, hopefully, the week of November 29th.  If there is a teacher addition to these grade levels, know that I will communicate with all parents involved.  

Have a restful break! I look forward to seeing everyone in ten days!


  • New COVID-19 Protocols
    • The new protocols are great news as, if there is a confirmed positive case in a classroom, students may test to stay and will either mitigate or completely eliminate the need to quarantine.
    • Masks are still required until further notice.
    • See slides 6-10 for updates.
    • Safety Protocols (Links to an external site.)
  • Welcome Mr. Ibarra! (New Attendance Clerk)
    • I am transferring from Wooten Elementary where I was the Registrar for 8 years. Prior to joining AISD, I was in the retail industry for 11 years., Macy’s and Crate and Barrel to name two. I was an interior designer for 10 years at Norwalk Custom Furniture. 
    • I was born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas. I am the middle child with an older and younger brother. I meet my wife in middle school (7th grade), we married shortly after college and have been married for 22 years. 
    • I am an avid runner. I love the holidays, Xmas especially.  In our household we put up 6 trees to celebrate the season. 
  • Food Access Over the Break 
  • Friendly Reminders
    • While we love pets, we kindly ask you leave them at home during drop off and dismissal.
    • If you pick your student up early for an appointment, be sure to give at least 10-15 minutes for us to get your student to the office as they may be outside their classroom which takes additional time to locate and come to the office.