Principal Update 8/12

Doss Elementary

Good afternoon Doss families and community.

Yesterday, AISD released their general reopening plans that you can view below.  I know many of you have had specific questions about reopening plans so I urge you to read this document if you do.  I will read through it this week to ensure my messages are aligned with this document.  Additionally, we are currently making our own version that we hope to publish before September 8th.

AISD Reopening Plan

Thank you to everyone that joined us yesterday at this week’s parent/principal coffee to review the revised master schedule.  I very much appreciated the diligent work of assistant principals Tracy Sheridan and Hannah Wankel for spending many hours on this much needed revision.  If you missed it, you can check out the recorded video below along with the revised schedule and parent/principal padlet to help answer questions in between coffee sessions.  As I stated yesterday, I am sending this message early as I will be traveling to Michigan for my brother’s wedding.  I will, however, continue to check emails and provide communication throughout the week and weekend.  🙂

Parent/Principal Coffee 8/11 Video

Revised Draft Doss Elementary Virtual Learning Schedule

Parent/Principal Padlet


Schedule of Events for This and Next Week

  • Friday, August 14th at 5:00 P.M.:
    • Class Lists Posted via Living Tree, Blend, and Doss PTA Web page.
  • Tuesday, August 18th (Morning):
    • Our teachers will begin calling parents between 8:00-12:00 to introduce themselves and to ask questions regarding preparedness for virtual learning, access to technology, and preliminary parent choice of sending students back to school when we officially reopen (TBD).  This is not a final choice but will help us with class placements if any changes need to be made.
  • Thursday, August 20 from 12:00-1:00
  • Dates To Be Determined Soon
    • Meet The Teacher Drive Through at Doss (will include classroom supply pick up)
    • Spirit Wear Pickup
    • Curriculum Night
    • Optional Parent/Teacher Conferences (First week in September designed to guide you through our online learning platforms).

Help Us Support Doss!

  • Help me support you and our teachers through this very difficult time.  We realize how connected we must be with you now more than ever and that your role in the learning process is pivotal.  Know, like all new learning, we ask for the greatest amount of flexibility as we begin instruction on September 8th.  We will spend time with your child getting to know them, the online platform, and the basics of the virtual setting.
  • We are all committed to making this yet another amazing year for all of our Doss Owls….including you.  🙂

Day Care Options for School Aged Children *Updated*

  • We are proud to partner with the following day care centers to provide you options for school aged children while they work in the virtual setting.
  • All, with the exception of the Children’s Courtyard, offer free/reduced tuition for families who qualify.  (Note:  Children’s Courtyard will offer soon).
  • Leaps and Bounds is now added to this list.  I am waiting on pricing information and will update this post when received.
  • I have also contacted each center to ensure they open prior to 7:45 so our student’s do not miss out on virtual learning at begins at 7:45.
  • In addition, iKids is offering tutors for pod learning.
  • My Friend’s House
  • Jewish Community Center (JCC)  *Revised Flyer*
  • Children’s Courtyard (The Prep Lab)
  • iKids (Pod Learning Tutors)

Doss Park Clean Up

  • Saturday, August 29th at 8:00 A.M.
  • This date may change due to the availability to entire park.  If it changes I will update everyone.
  • If you would like to volunteer or have questions, please email Mr. Rob Gordon. 

Got Tech Questions? 

What Will Online Learning Look Like???

  • I am sure this is question has been on your mind.  While I would love to have our teachers present their pages to you, they have to wait until AISD releases their Blend templates for online learning.
  • At the next parent/principal coffee on Thursday, August 20th, Laurie Beaman, Doss technology coach, will show you examples of what you can expect.
  • Our teachers will provide their classroom specific sites prior to the first day of virtual instruction on September 8th.