Principal Update 9/4

Doss Owls

Good afternoon Doss parents and community.  I hope you are having a fantastic Friday!

We are ready for the first day of virtual instruction on Tuesday, September 8th!  I understand students will not be able to view their Blend page until the morning of September 8th, but know our teachers have done an amazing job of preparing to serve your child.  While we would prefer to teach in person as usual, know that much time and care has gone into creating these aligned Blend pages.  I am excited for what is in store for our students.

Thank you to everyone that stopped by to see us this week.  It was so great to see everyone as you drove through our new drive way area.  I heard many students and parents were ready to return, safely, to school and see our new building.  We are too!  In order for you to see the inside of our new building, we created a sneak peak for our community.  Over the past two weeks I worked with our district folks to create a “Google Street View” of the inside of our campus.  You can look 360 degrees and also move around (look for the circles on the floor).  I hope this helps build excitement for our new campus.  Note:  We will do this again in a few months to obtain cleaner pictures  Check it out below!


Studio (Classroom)

Owl Workshop (Maker Space)

Life Skills Classroom and Collaboration Space

Outdoor Learning and Kinder Collaboration Space

Lastly, in order to support you with your technology needs/questions, I created a technology specific Padlet for you to use.  This venue will allow us to understand what is going well, what we may need to adjust, and what we can do as a school to serve our parents and students better while in the virtual setting.  Over time, we will use this information to inform our online instruction or to just support your needs from home.

Doss Elementary Technology Padlet

Have a restful weekend!

Principal Coffee 9/4 Video


Counselor Presentation from 9/4 Principal Coffee

  • See below for Mrs. Perez’ counselor presentation from today.
  • BOY Presentation

Taking Virtual Attendance

  • Last week I added a PDF about attendance at Doss.  The update was meant for when we have all students in school for face to face learning.  This is not the same as virtual attendance. The following sentence is how attendance will be taken asynchronously.
  • Attendance is important to promote student engagement in learning. Beginning in the 2020–21 school year, students who engage in on-campus or remote learning, such as attending a virtual Zoom class or completing and submitting assigned work independently, are considered engaged. All classes will have attendance posted to indicate students were “present” to reflect participation. Our teachers will work with families and students to ensure that instruction is delivered and students are engaged in coursework no matter the method of delivery.

AISD Equity Plan

  • See below for AISD’s draft Equity Plan.  Please provide feedback if you would like.
  • AISD Draft Equity Plan

Parent Walkthrough in Blend

  • Please see page 7 of the Doss Reopening Plan for Parent Walkthrough for Blend (Spanish Available).