Principal Update – March 31

Doss Owls

Good afternoon Doss parents and families!

I am following up with some questions our parents submitted last week. Also, as a quick update, Governor Abbott called for schools to be closed through May 3rd.

Parent Questions

  • Format of online classes… live?  recorded?  Both?
    The district expectation is that teachers will have at least one virtually recorded lesson for math and reading each week. This way parents and students have access to the lessons when they have time. Anything more than that is at the teacher’s discretion. Teachers will also publish office hours for parent/students to call or zoom in to ask questions and get academic support.
  • How grade/report cards?

Report cards are ready to view via the parent portal. If you do not have access to the parent portal, please let me know.

  • Summer school?

At this time we do not know if school will go into the summer months (June and/or July). More information will come in the coming weeks.

  • Are we going back?

Like the last question, more information will be shared in the coming weeks.

  • Are you going to record Zoom?

Yes!  Each Parent/Principal virtual meeting will automatically be recorded. I will share that recording with you all starting Friday.

  • Tech support for parents who are tech challenged –

My initial response would be to contact the teacher. If they cannot support, please also try the Let’s Talk AISD webpage.

  • Homework?

AISD is currently working on a grading policy to be reviewed at the board meeting on Monday, April 6th. More information will be sent soon. For now, the language states students will have learning opportunities through the school district. I suppose, if we are working from home, everything is technically “homework” (no pun intended).

  • Student Canvas app – access assignments?

It was suggested to download the student Canvas App (AKA Blend) so parents could see all of the student’s assignments. More information will be shared in Laurie Beaman’s parent Blend session this Thursday, April 2, at 1:00 p.m. Zoom instructions were included in email to parents sent March 30th.