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Math problem of the day at 3 different levels (easy to hard)

IXL Math skills for every grade—covers grade level skills in detail

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Living Tree – Doss will continue to use LivingTree this year. It is a free (and private) online communication and organization system used to communicate with our families.  If you are new to Doss, you will receive an email invitation from your child’s teacher to be connected.  Existing Doss families are already connected; you will receive a notification when school begins that your child has been added to his/her class for the current year. There is no invite to accept, but please notify your child’s teacher if your email has changed.  Both Doss Staff and PTA use LivingTree to communicate.Please go to LivingTree and check it out, and take a look at this information sheet.  There are also free apps available for iPhone and Android smartphones.

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