Counselor's Corner

Hello Doss Families!

About Me
My name is Natalie Perez, and I am the new school counselor at Doss. I was an elementary counselor in Marble Falls ISD last year, and prior to that I taught at Hill Elementary. I grew up in Austin and attended Davis, Murchison, and Anderson. I am thrilled to be at Doss and working in the community I love so dearly. I am eager to meet all of the wonderful Doss students and encourage them to reach their full potential.


School Counseling Offered at Doss

Whole Group Guidance Lessons
I will visit each classroom monthly to teach various lessons pertaining to social emotional learning (SEL), personal safety, bullying, career development, and other topics. The purpose of guidance lessons is to provide students a safe environment in which they can explore new ideas, acquire new skills, and proactively learn how to interact with others.

Individual Counseling
When necessary, I can meet one-on-one with a student to help him/her resolve problems, enhance decision-making skills, and/or build coping skills. This is a confidential relationship and is a short-term, limited intervention (not intensive therapy).

Small-Group Counseling/Lunch Bunches
Small-groups are formed based on students who may be going through similar situations or working on similar skills. This format uses a psycho-educational model that is goal-centered and will develop coping skills and tools. Groups can also be created to allow students to socialize with one another in a smaller setting. Topics often focused on in a small-group setting include divorce, friendship, self-esteem, anger, and grief or loss.

Outside Referrals
I maintain a list of agencies that may be helpful in the event of a concern beyond the scope of school counseling services.


Helpful Links for Parents

  • The Role of the Elementary School Counselor: This link provides a more thorough explanation of the school counselor’s role in the school.
  • Parent ToolkitThis toolkit is designed to help parents track and support their child’s academic, health, and social and emotional development from Pre-K through adolescence.
  • Kids Health: This website focuses on providing information about the growth and development of your child, from healthy eating to positive parenting.
  • Growing Up Online: Digital Literacy + Internet Safety: This resource from “The More You Know” public service campaign helps identify ways that you can help your child use the internet in a safe and appropriate way.


New Students to Doss
Please fill out the form linked below if your student is new to Doss entering 1st-5th grade.