What is the Doss PTA?

The Doss PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is a non-profit organization that is a part of the Texas PTA and National PTA. The Doss PTA supports the mission of Doss – to provide inclusive, engaging, and authentic experiences and opportunities for all students in order for them to flourish academically, emotionally, and socially in a collaborative environment that honors our diverse learners – as well as the National PTA mission – to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children. PTAs are made up of families, teachers, staff and community members.  PTAs look for ways to improve the lives of children by providing resources and support to families and school programs as well as advocacy.

Reasons to Join the Doss PTA (OWL PRIDE)

Opportunity – Connect with families and educators to learn about what is happening at the school and in the community.

Witness Change – Support advocacy efforts at the city and state level to benefit educators and students.

Lend a Hand – Volunteer your time and talents.  There are a wide range of volunteer opportunities within the PTA.

Programs & Resources – The Doss PTA offers programs and resources directly to and for students and families in addition to providing resources to educators at the school that in turn support student learning.

Role Model – Volunteering with the PTA is a great way to show your child how engagement can make a difference.

Informed & Involved – Parents that are informed and involved understand the challenges at the school and often collaborate to become a part of the solution. Kids do better when parents and families are involved in their education.

Dedication – The Doss PTA is dedicated to our amazing community and the collaboration between the school and parents.

Engage – There are Doss traditions that have been celebrated by generations making the school unique and special.  Join the PTA to be a part of the legacy!

How much does it cost to join?

An individual membership is only $10 for the school year.  A family membership (2 people) is $20.  A portion of each is tax-deductible, and a portion goes back to the Texas and National PTAs.

It takes a village – encourage grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, and neighbors to join too!

Enjoy member discounts throughout Texas and nationally as well as ensure eligibility for your student to participate in PTA Reflections, a Texas PTA sponsored program.

Please contact the PTA Vice President of Membership ( with any questions.

What your Doss PTA supports:

Sponsored Events:

Events for Incoming Kindergarteners (Doss Preschool Club)

H’Owl Fall Festival

Doss Daughter Event/Dance

Doss Son Event/Dance

School Events Supported by the PTA:

Meet the Teacher

Back to School Nights

Homeroom Parties (Winter, Valentine’s, End of Year)

UIL Competitions

Grade Level Musicals and Special Programs

Kinder Graduation

5th Grade Graduation


Spirit Gear Sales (Spirit Store)

No Hassle Fall Fundraiser

Adult Spring Party

Retail Give Back Programs – Randall’s Good Neighbor Program, Amazon Smile, Box Tops for Education

Partners in Education (PIE) Community Sponsors

Spirit Nights and Events with local restaurants and stores

Doss Book Fair (all money raised goes back to the library)