Modernization Update – October 18

The school modernization discussion continues to be front and center as we move through October. We held an introductory furniture session for staff chosen to choose the furniture for our new campus. Four fourth graders will also be included with these sessions per a request from our Campus Advisory Committee (CAC). The intention was to choose those not on the CAT team in order to include more staff members in the decision making process of our new school.

On Monday, October 21 we will embark on the beginning of our planning (as an entire staff) for our new, modernized school. The purpose of the meeting is to acquaint our staff with teaching aspects of a modernized campus. Part of the planning process is to begin thinking about shifting what we do to meet the requirements for this new campus. Staff will work with their team to understand where they currently are and to begin thinking of areas to grow. We will then finish with a discussion of ideas for professional development for next summer and allow time for providing questions to help us prepare. Dr. Steenport’s goal is for everyone to have an understanding of our new modernized campus and how we are preparing.

Also, per the request of the CAC, here’s a link to an outline of the philosophy behind a modernized campus, site design and new building renderings.

If you would like to visit the new site, please sign up here! Dr. Steenport has begun weekly campus tours every Friday afternoon from 3:30-4:30 pm. Community members are selected on a first come, first serve basis (5 at a time).